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NC Section & Pipe Bending Machines

NC Section & Pipe Bending Machines
  • Suited to bend sections and pipes
  • Normally suitable for bending  sections / pipes into diameter  > 360 mm
  • For  sections  normally suitable for bending in single plane
  • Can roll pipes into spiral coils
  • 3 Roll suitable for asymmetrical sections
  • 4 Roll advisable for symmetrical sections and pipes
  • Machines available in different sizes and models
  • Machines to suit beams upto 1200 mm high, pipes upto 800 mm diameter and flanges upto  600 X 200 mm on edge
  • Finds application in
    • •Wind energy, Infrastructure, Shipbuilding, Fabrication shops 
    • Nuclear plants, Chemical plants, Process equipment & Reactor vessels
    • Oil & Gas, Storage tanks

Other Details

  • All 3 rolls are driven by hydro motors
  • The design is robust as bending line is close to the front bearings
  • The machine can be placed vertically / horizontally
  • Modular tooling is offered for various sections except for rounds & pipes

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Main SpecificationsMin.Max.
Section Modulus40 CM37700 CM3
Total Machine Power15 HP180HP
Roll Diameter315mm850mm