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NC/CNC Plate Bending Machines

NC/CNC Plate Bending Machines
  • Heavy duty  Plate Rolling for plates of width from 2~ 6 Meters and thickness from 6~400 mm
  • Both 3 roll (pyramid & variable geometry type)  and 4 roll configuration (double pinching type)
  • All the 3 rolls are driven by independent hydraulic motors
  • 4 Roll design allows close bending minimizing “Flats”
  • Long pipe rolling machines  6 Meters to 24 Meters
  • Ease of programming – CNC controls allows operators to easily program a wide variety of shaped material
  • Less distortion – Pinching force can be preset
  • High productivity and low operating cost
  • Finds application in
    • Wind energy, Earth moving equipment, Infrastructure, Shipbuilding, Fabrication shops
    • Nuclear plants, Chemical plants, Process equipment & Reactor vessels
    • Oil & Gas, Storage tanks, Pressure vessels / Boilers  Turbine & Reactors

Other Details

  • Fully hydraulic machines NC/CNC controlled
  • Latest fly by wire NC system
  • Operator friendly easy to use
  • Variety of accessories  offered to increase the versatility/productivity of machine
  • Full service backup available in India – engineers trained on DAVI machine stationed at locations across India.

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Main SpecificationsMin.Max.
Range of Plate Thicknesses In Coldmm2400
Range of Plate Widthmm60012,000
Range of plate width with specially
Configured machines