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Closed Die Forging Presses

Closed Die Forging Presses

Presses for Forging and Allied Presses from SMERAL BRNO a.s, Czech Republic

  • SMERAL Presses are ideal for manufacture of closed die forgings.
  • Hot precise die forging and sizing  of components
  • It has a unique feature that they are with front – to back – eccentric shaft arrangement
  • It also has shut height adjusting mechanism which can be used for releasing jammed ram from the bottom dead center
  • The frame of the press is of cast steel
  • The control  of the clutches & brake clutch & the brake are mounted on the eccentric shaft
  • The diagonal ram guide way arrangement reduces the thermal effects on the guide jibs these are electro pneumatic
  • Designed for : Hot precise die forging and sizing  of components
Main SpecificationsMin.Max.
Vertical Forging PressT1,0004,000
Trimming PressT315800
Toggle Coining PressT6302,000
Eccentric PressT160250
Hori. Upsetters-max. Slug Dia.mm75150

Hydro-pneumatic Hammers

Nominal Blow EnergyKJ20100

Cross-wedge Rolling Machines

Slug Dia.mm30160
Max. Length Of Rolled Productmm550750