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Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Cylindrical Grinding Machines
  • CNC Controlled Machines
  • Cast structure
  • Powerful but Precision
  • High Quality Surface Finish
  • Multi-axes Program Controlled Wheel-Head Rotation along Vert. axis for Profile Machining
  • Cambering for Rolls for Steel Rolling / Printing Machine Rolls
  • Machines for Special Applications like for Steel / Printing Machine Rolls & for Extruder Screws for Plastic / Rubber Machinery

Also available are Special Purpose Grinding Machines

Main SpecificationsCylindrical Grinding Machines
Grinding Dia.                            200 – 1000 mm
Admit Between Centres         400 – 6000 mm
Max. Weight Between Centres  0.25 - 4.0 T
With Heavy-duty Head-stock upto       5.0 T

For further details see Other Sizes and Machines For Special Applications also available