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CNC Gear Shaping Machines

CNC Gear Shaping Machines
  • CNC Controlled
  • Reliable and Proven Design
  • High Speed
  • Single and Multi-stroke
  • Helix-angle setting
  • Ease of Operation
  • Option for Auto-loading / unloading
Main SpecificationsCNC Gear Shaping Machines
Gear Blank Dia.500 mm
Max. Thickness of shaped gear125 mm
Max. Load on Table300 Kg.
Range of double strokes       40-800 mm/min
Indexing Feeds0-1900 mm/min
Radial Feeds0-5000 mm/min
High Speed feeds5000 mm/min
Main Motor Power 17 KW

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Other / Larger Sizes and Conventional Machines also available