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Engraving Machines

Engraving Machines
  • Wide range of machine models available catering to various applications like lettering, die making, jewellery, shoe sole, medical applications, wood carving etc.
  • Sensitive control system with features like precision driven technology, quick acceleration and return, effective look ahead.
  • Unmatched intricacy and surface finish achieved on components requiring no further operations.
  • Machines available with high spindle rpm ranging from 18000 to 36000.
  • Control systems, Spindles and cutters manufactured at Jingdiao’s own facility thus ensuring perfect compatibility.
  • With a consistent track record of fifty plus satisfied users in India.

Main SpecificationsEngraving Machines

The machine sizes vary from 300 X 400mm to 1250 X 800 mm.
A versatile range of machine models available as per requirement.