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BR 825

BR 825
  • Arm, column & base rigidly built with reinforcement ribs to reduce distortion and give long life
  • Heavy duty - 80 mm drilling in solid steel
  • Pre selection of spindle speeds
  • Electro hydraulic clamping for drill head and arm swivel
  • Special spindle bearing arrangement for rough boring
  • Quill and spindle assembly balanced by guided counter weight
  • Automatic lubrication of drill head and arm
  • Automatic clamping / de clamping of arm for up and down movement
  • Wide range of speeds and feeds
  • Automatic disengagement of power feed at required depth of drilling
Main SpecificationsBR 825
Drilling in Steel80 mm
Drilling in CI         95 mm
Drilling Radius max / min505 / 2515 mm
Vertical Traverse of Arm 1050 mm
Drilling Motor Power9.3 kw
Spindle Speed11-1200 rpm